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It has always been a fantasy of me see my husband has been caught by another man, and although I do not know that the idea that turned against me. Last Saturday morning, we have monitored both askjolene very hot, and started on this, what would that night, when my husband arranged a surprise offer to talk. When asked what he had in mind, he said, would have to wait and see, I could tell by the look in his eyes that he had in mind a little hot. I had been shopping all day and when I got home, I had to go for the surprise. He opened the swinging heaven web site and showed me the ad had managed to always ask if askjolene anyone thought that I take the night. He said there were a few e- mails and messages, as a result, letting you read it. IN through them all and was always looking very hot, then I read the response of D, that my husband had spoken before. My husband took a few pictures of my dress with a leather miniskirt and askjolene boots Basque thigh. TD of excited and described how she was and what he wanted to do with me, needless to say, this reading I started to wet. I love it when a man dressed to look at me, and if they know what they want to do with me, are described. then called this type of askjolene agreement and said he wanted to come. He was very excited and talked and flirted a bit subtle, and mentioned that he loved stockings and garters. I gave the instructions and went to prepare. I took my husband and I went upstairs and askjolene ran a bath, how to decide I wanted to practice what they do. My husband opted for my black leather mini- skirt with a strip through, tight low-cut pink stockings and sheer black top and straps and see my fetish sandals. I got into the tub and my husband gently washed from head to toe. I was so hot that when I reached between my legs forced his fingers inside me cuming and with a couple of hard knocks, I was going to have for the first timeAt night. I left the bathroom and dressed for the night ahead and with a touch of my lippy I was ready. I realized my husband passed askjolene by the bulge in his pants. Then they grabbed me, put me in bed, exposing my bare pussy, freshly shaved. He hurried down and crashed into two fingers inside me and started licking my clit as his fingers move quickly in and out of me. When I was about to finish the second time I stopped and gave me one and all in need. A few minutes there was a knock at the door. I open the door when my husband is active. It opened and she smiled D. A look in his eyes said everything, roll your eyes and mouth wide open and I could immediately see stirring in my pants. He waved his hand and led him into askjolene the room, I was immediately attracted to kiss him before he sat in the chair with my foot in front of him. He began to caress my legs up and down half dressed, he told me all the time, askjolene as it was to seeMr. wanted me dressed like this and told me how my pussy licking and sucking. askjolene He took me to the dinner table and leaned over the table to place one foot on a chair, who was kneeling to lick my wet pussy. His persistent licking, sucking and finger my pussy while he told me what he did to me dressed like this and soon I was shaking on the wall in the face and enjoying my second orgasm of the night. We stopped and had a drink, and I realized my husband was not yet down, and somehow I was even more. Coming out of the kitchen D stripped and pushed me into the dining room table askjolene on my back and kissed me. D continues where it left off and began licking and sucking my pussy while his cock rubbing up and down my legs wearing stockings and soon I was back and this time my juices flowed all over the face of D ' s. I drew askjolene Round D, where my head so I could suck dick like me, he started asuck my hard nipples and rubbing my wet pussy. Only then I realized my husband was in the room and sat there, watching us. I was asked to join my husband and a photo of us and did so willingly, and then as the distance D between the legs again came and kissed me hard and started to kiss and fondle my breasts. He began to encourage D come to me and started talking to me I was so hot, and I came again, this time my juices poured over the entire table. Then I kneeled down in front of D, and began to suck his cock, deep throat and then licked the tip of the tail, and in a minute complaining and pushing and then shot his load in my mouth. we retired to the room and lay on the carpet extended and turned to lick and suck my pussy D as my husband askjolene said. It was not long until I felt my pussy and I was drawn back for the fourth time the night again at D, as askjolene my juices sprayed in the face. for my husband fell down and turned me around on four legs, which askjolene is my favorite position, and he began to fondle my breasts and kissed me and started licking my D pussy from behind and soon found myself again, and now was asking for a cock nice tough. This D pushed his cock into me from behind. It began as D, fuck me behind my husband began my clitoris and swollen, the intense sense of touch sent through my body was indescribable and my cock tight pussy D ' s so hard that I could not believe and soon again a orgasm and splashed my juice. After that put both men crawled to D and I took his cock in my soft mouth within seconds he was able to get an erection. I began to suck his balls and took me in my mouth while I began to lick and suck the head of the cock back and within seconds I was ready cuming in my mouth. I gulped, smiled and went to my husband. I released his cock from his pants and started licking and sucking cock. I might say, D watched every move I make, as I complain about my husband started. Then my husband made me sit on his lap facing away from him, we like the shit, I would say that both my askjolene husband and D were the views he had begun to enjoy. However, I need a good fucking hard and demand that my husband take m on the ground at that time and what he did willingly. Another time I was in my hands and knees too hard and fast as hell I love it, especially when I'm hot. It was not long until my husband had me cuming again. While collecting the breath, I could see D had enjoyed only so he returned to his pain and spasms and sucked his cock hard again. It was not long until he was moaning and groaning askjolene and shooting his third load in my mouth. I smiled when he said : '. I've never had someone like you, you're so cool' D then dressed and left, seated, of course, my husband and I say, for several hours. It was a very good experience and I will repeat again soon..
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